Here you will find the Callizo’s tasting menus

Tasting Menus

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Land Menu ……………….120€

This is the shortest menu from our both options. It shares the prelude with the Stones Menu; but gives the chance to choose a second dish and a dessert among our suggestions. We also give you the chance to pick dishes with a supplement.

Stones Menu …………….135€

It is our larger menu, the traditional gastronomic menu from El Callizo, a journey around our region and the whole world. You will find a sequence of more than 25 small dishes. We are talking about a tasting menu from the beginning to the end.

Children Menu ……………….35€

This menu has been created for the little ones at home. It counts on various appetizers, a firs dish, a second one and a dessert to choose. It is perfect for children under 12 years old.

They all include VAT.

All our menus are adaptable to any kind of allergies or food intolerances; just let us know when booking your table.

 The same type of menu will be served for everyone at the table (except for children if there is any). You will have the chance to choose it once you will arrive to your table.